Triangle of Death

OK, there’s not a triangle of death. But I do have this cool graphic about white supremacy to share. And I have NO idea where it comes from. I have done a reverse image search and looked through hundreds of places where it COULD have originated. I give up. Its’s Friday. I want a glass of wine and some time to fold my monument to the laundry gods before they get angry. And make more laundry.

How do two empty nesters have SO MUCH LAUNDRY? I digress…..

So if you know the source, PLEASE share. There are a bunch of ministers totally psyched to use it in worship on Sunday!


Oh but one little update. I shared this image and a few heartfelt emails with my hate mailer today, too. I think it helped. A little anyway. She is very earnest. And trying so hard to do the right thing. I have been there. I understand.

I was going to tell the story, today, of the time that I, too, almost lost my faith during a personal tumult around race. Just like my hate mailer. But the wine and the laundry gods call.

So, interwebs community. Where does this awesome graphic come from? It is blog death to publish an image to which you do not have rights! Triangle of death!

Or should I just MAKE A NEW ONE? I could make a new one. Maybe I’ll make a new one. Like, tomorrow.

But if you know, comment! Or FB me. I would love to fairly cite the creator of this fabulous image.

Now, look out world. It’s Frankie and Grace and me and the laundry! Happy Friday!

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