When to seek a Spiritual Companion


Changes in our lives, whether welcome or unexpected, can turn our sense of self upside down. This is a beautiful opportunity to explore your connection with something bigger than yourself. I accompany people as they seek connection with the Divine during times of transition.

Loss and Grief

Deep sorrow can bring fear, loneliness, pain, and yearning, making daily life difficult to navigate. Grief arrives in many ways often with a warning. It can be easier to carry when witnessed with the loving presence of a spiritual companion. Loss and grief are part of life, but we don’t have to travel the path alone.


When making a decision requires more than a pro and con list, a listening loving companion who invites a contemplative spiritual sense to the process brings peace and calm to the discernment. A spiritual companion invites the heart, mind, and soul to weave together as the discernment unfolds.

Shifting Spirituality

Sometimes a significant experience can bring a change in our understanding of religion, faith or spirituality. Sometimes change comes gradually. Either can rock our understanding of self and our place in the world. Exploring this shift in spirituality is an especially good time to work with a spiritual companion.

Photo by Rachel Xiao on Pexels.com

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